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Spoken English


Learning English is a necessity. English is a universal language, and mastering it is very important nowadays. Ivy Language Centre in Trivandrum is one of the best spoken English training institutes in Trivandrum. We offer quality spoken English classes at an affordable price. Our flexible class timing will be helpful for you to learn Spoken English at your own pace. We provide both online and offline classes to master the English language. 

Many people, in spite of possessing immense skills fail to reach the heights they deserve due to a lack of proficiency in English. IVY Language Centre’s Spoken English program is the one-stop solution. At IVY, we provide specifically formulated course materials and curriculum to address various issues in vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, sentence construction and fluency, different applications of English in different contexts, etc.

Other than that, Ivy Language Centre provides coaching for English in competitive exams.

IVY Language Centre provides:

  • Syllabus oriented classes from foundation to advance level with free materials.
  • Select coaching for English in Banks and SSC exams.
  • Regular Assignments are given to evaluate student performance.
  • Special focus is given on Vocabulary (Root word, Idioms and Phrases).
  • Tips and Tricks to solve Error Spotting Questions
  • Regular Class Tests.
  • Interactive Sessions.
  • Tone improvisation
  • Accent neutralization
  • Interactive classes.
  • Practice sessions for Interview & GD
  • Qualified & Experienced Trainers
  • Well equipped classrooms.


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“Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery.”
- Amy Chua

Accent Training

Accent training or accent neutralization, is the process of meticulously adopting to a new speech accent. This helps the non-native speaker to understand and appropriately use the correct rhythm, stress and intonation thus making the conversation worthy and effortless. The training at IVY Global includes interactive sessions and innovative techniques which help tackle the accent problems faced by candidates.