"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can."

― Nikos Kazantzkis

Learning a new language is a great acquisition. Furthermore it opens our eyes and mind to a whole new level of understanding on various spheres of the globe. Ever dreamt of going overseas for studies or work, but always hesitated thinking how to crack a language test? The antidote to all your worries is Ivy Language Centre.


Situated at Panavila Jn, Thiruvananthapuram, aspirants get the opportunity to study the languages and also on their right application in a real world scenario.


We take pride in our methodology of training and our commitment to our students.


Time is precious, so is money. Keeping that in mind, Ivy Language Centre ensures superlative classes and course materials at affordable prices. Also to be noted, is the flexibility that we provide in our class scheduling, to cater to both students and working professionals, to make it a step closer to their dream. Our dedicated team of highly qualified faculties help achieve the required grade points in a short span of time.


Ivy Language Centre is the leading Language Learning Centre in the city providing comprehensive curriculum courses for IELTS, PTE, OET, TOEFL and Spoken English. Besides English, we also have classes for German, French and Arabic, as well as, regional languages such as Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Bengali.


Faculties who possess the right blend of qualification and experience in a particular area of study is the backbone of any institution. At Ivy Language Centre, we have faculties who are well equipped to carry out the task at hand to help students achieve the required points (band scores) in standardized tests. Our trainers are always updated of and trained under our partners, British Council, Pearson and TOEFL along with other skill development programmes.


The top popular courses for you


Ivy Language Centre is equipped to provide the best IELTS coaching in the city of Trivandrum.


Ivy Language Centre is committed for its integrity and offers authentic OET training.